Shape of bulbs/missing plant tags

Cathy Craig
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 15:01:24 PST
Hi Bill,

So, what are you using now?

I like the vinyl tags but they are too small for in-ground tags so I reserve
those for pots. I like the kind-of horseshoe shaped wires with the metal
(galvanized or copper) flat plates that fit onto the top but in a year or
two they get bent and the plate falls off. The only ones I ever had that
work for several years are the panagraphed green (or black) plastic attached
to a 9-11 awg wire that Oakes Daylilies sells for about $3 each. Don't fall
apart, withstand several run-ins with the lawnmower, don't fade. They still
rust in the ground but it takes several years to rust through.

Cathy Craig President PBS
Maritime zone 9b

I've stopped using those venetian blind tags because they do disappear.
Bill Lee
Batavia, OH

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