Almost TOW - Triffids

Hamish Sloan
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 13:24:49 PST
Hello All,

Novel - 'The Day of the Triffids'
Classification - Sci-Fi
Author - John Wyndham
Published - 1951
Publisher - M Joseph and later Penguin Books (both of which, I think, have 
changed hands a few times since 1951)

The Russians develop a new plant to provide a superior vegetable oil to 
feed the world's billions. Stolen batch of seed gets dispersed round the 
world when plane is mysteriously destroyed. What was not known at the time 
is that adult triffids can walk, they have a killing sting and they have an 
intelligence of sorts. And as they feed on plant and animal remains, humans 
are fortunate to have the advantage of sight, ...... until a passing comet 
leads to blindness for most.

Now read on. From a book shop near you!!

Regards Hamish

PS No, I do not get any commission from anyone.

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