Shape of bulbs/missing plant tags

Jane McGary
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 13:18:30 PST
Regarding birds and labels, one year a flock of crows settled on one of my
raised bulb beds, and I was surprised to find that the labels they pulled
out were the white plastic temporary ones, not the shiny aluminum embossed
ones. Perhaps the sharp-edged metal hurt their beaks?

Also on birds, if you find a bunch of your crocuses pulled up and the corms
devoured, in this part of the world at least, it is likely to be towhees (a
bird about the size of a robin that scratches around under shrubs). I have
trapped them in mousetraps in the bulb frame.

Jane McGary
NW Oregon

At 04:04 PM 2/10/03 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 2/10/2003 2:47:48 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> writes:
> The 'nest' was made up of very small dead pine twigs, several kinds of
> painted and unpainted old bent nails, large staples, several 1 1/2 inch
> drywall-type screws, couple of old paperclips, AND that wire horseshoe thing
> that goes onto the hose sprayer that locks the spray to ON (I've been
> looking all over for that for months).
> Oh, this is so delightful. One year a blue jay (eastern) was decorating a
>next just above the patio. He had found a chewing gum wrapper, the shiny
>foil reflector kind, and would stick it in one spot in the test, step back
>and look at it, cocking his head back and forth, pull it out and reposition
>it and repeat the process. Sometimes it fell out of the test when he pulled
>it out and he'd swoop down and catch it midair. It was great fun to watch. 
> I've stopped using those venetian blind tags because they do disappear.
> Bill Lee
> Batavia, OH 

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