Shape of bulbs/missing plant tags
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 13:04:45 PST
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> The 'nest' was made up of very small dead pine twigs, several kinds of
> painted and unpainted old bent nails, large staples, several 1 1/2 inch
> drywall-type screws, couple of old paperclips, AND that wire horseshoe 
> thing
> that goes onto the hose sprayer that locks the spray to ON (I've been
> looking all over for that for months).

Oh, this is so delightful. One year a blue jay (eastern) was decorating a 
next just above the patio. He had found a chewing gum wrapper, the shiny foil 
reflector kind, and would stick it in one spot in the test, step back and 
look at it, cocking his head back and forth, pull it out and reposition it 
and repeat the process. Sometimes it fell out of the test when he pulled it 
out and he'd swoop down and catch it midair. It was great fun to watch. 

I've stopped using those venetian blind tags because they do disappear.
Bill Lee
Batavia, OH


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