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Michael Morri
Sat, 01 Feb 2003 17:39:28 PST

Here's a suggestion for a group order if your interested.  I have to place a
final order of chinese clivia seeds from my supplier in China by this
Wednesday 2/5/03.  Varieties of wide-leaf Clivia that are  available:
Chinese 'Monk', Short-Leaf', 'Round-Tip', 'Painted-Face', 'Yellow-Face', and
'Light of Buddha'. (reference my web-site:/// price per
seed for PBS Group Only....$3.00 ea.  All orders will be shipped the first
week in March.

Thanks again,

Michael Morri

Michael Morri
P.O. Box 192
Union City, Michigan 49094   U.S.A.
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> Hi everyone,
> I've had a chance to correspond with many of you by this point because
> helped out with a couple of group orders.  The last two, the books and the
> peach Clivia seedlings, are just finishing up.  Those of you who ordered
> seedligns - watch your mail (unless you are on the freezing east coast and
> have made other arrangements).
> However, I am now project-less!  I am rather new to bulbs, and my garden
> almost completely composed of seedlings.  So while I love buying seeds
> the SX/BX, I don't yet have anything to contribute.  Organizing these
> projects lets me contribute to the group in a different way - so let's get
> another one going!  Have you heard of anything you'd love to buy, but the
> of a phyto has held you back?  Some South African seeds from Rod and
> some bulbs from our Aussie friends?  Let's order together!  If there's
> something you'd all like to order as a group, I'm volunteering.  Email me
> PRIVATELY at or with
> suggestions.
> Best,
> Jennifer
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> Jennifer Hildebrand
> Riverside, CA
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> mild winters.
> Books & websites tell me I'm in
> Zone 8, but they lie!
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