next group order
Sat, 01 Feb 2003 15:35:38 PST
Hi all,

I've gotten some excellent suggestions for another group order.  Here are some 
of them - let me know if you have any interest...

1)  Worsleya rayneri.  Who wouldn't want this one?  Of course, GETTING it is 
the problem... If anyone has any suggestions, let's hear them!  In the 
meantime, our yearning for blue amaryllids may be somewhat satisfied by 
Griffina, available at (4" pot for 

2)  Anything Australian.  Ideas, anyone?

3)  South African bulbs from one (or more!) of the following:

Cape Flora 
South Africa
Specialising in South African Cycads, Flower bulbs, Amaryllidaceae, 
Strelitzias, Pelargoniums, Succulents, Clivias, Caudiciform Plants and Seeds.

Rust-en-Vrede Nursery
PO Box 753
Brackenfell, South Africa 7560
No web page that I've been able to locate.  Do they have a catalog?  Could it 
be scanned and uploaded to the wiki?

Greg Pettit, The Green Goblin
PO Box 39422
Queensburgh 4070 KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa
old? email:
Offering Cyrtanthus, Crinum, Clivia, Haemanthus, Scadoxus, "Other 
Amaryllidaceae," "Other," and a $1 pricelist.

Charles Craib
PO Box 67142
Bryanston, Sandton Gauteng 2021
South Africa
Can't locate a website for him, either - anyone have a catalog?

4.  I've also received a somewhat mysterious promise of a possible item that we 
might all be interested in ... my informant promises to keep in touch!

If anyone is interested, please email me privately at or


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