Ariseama heterophyllum
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 10:01:34 PST
I posted a photo to the PBS wiki pages at:…

In the Roscoea discussion, there was some mention of the late emergence of some Ariseama, such as fargesii.  The shoots of A. heterophyllum are very late, and in 2002 didn't emerge until June 12th, then amazingly in just 2 weeks the plant was in flower, with the tip of the spadix in excess of 5' (150 cm). 

True to it's species name, the mature leaf on the flower stem looks rather different than a non-flowering leaf shoot.

The pale green hooded bloom, encircled with a leaf composed of 22 dangling
leaflets, lasts a long time and looks fresh for nearly an entire month.  Despite several days of heat near 100 Fahrenheit (36 C), hot gusty days, and a few  thunderstorms, the plant remained standing firm and green.  For more photos on my webpage, check out:…
...or goto and click on the A. heterophyllum link.

Sorry, I have no Roscoea, but given the reports of great success growing these in my general geographic area, I must give them a try.

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