PayPal now available!
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 09:18:35 PST
Hi all,

On February 9, 2003, the board members of the Pacific Bulb Society voted to 
implement a new PayPal plan that will allow for the payment of membership dues  
by credit card or through a transfer of funds from your bank account.

Please use my email address,, for any PayPal 

For now, we will NOT accept payment for the SX/BX via PayPal except from 
international members, so please pay ONLY membership dues to this address.

For the sake of my own record-keeping and sanity, I would very much appreciate 
it if you would send me an email, either before or immediately after making 
payment, so that I'll know to expect your payment.

We hope this service will be useful, and will make your experience with Pacific 
Bulb Society even more pleasant than it has been already!

If you have any questions, please contact me privately and I'll do all I can to 
answer them.

Riverside, CA, where the rain seems to have stopped, but not before two leaks 
began in my roof!

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