TOW Crocus species

Lauw de Jager
Tue, 04 Feb 2003 00:59:38 PST
anthony goode a *crit :
 Crocus ancyrensis does badly in the open garden here.  Flowers in year
> one but usually midwinter in response to an unseasonal warm spell.
> The flowers usually keel over immediately and it rarely survives to
> repeat the performance the next year!  Why does it do better for you?
> Well at a guess you have a more consistent cold winter.  This is a
> plant that flowers near melting snow in the wild, such plants are
> often difficult to please in relatively mild lowland gardens.  

> Crocus goulimyi and Crocus sativus.  Both of these thrive under glass
> here, Crocus goulimyi increasing quite fast.  However Crocus sativus
> rarely flowers in the open garden, it simply is not hot and dry enough
> in summer.  Crocus goulimyi grows OK in the open but only increases
> slowly if at all.  Again it is likely that it needs warmth and
> probably does not appreciate a really cold winter.

Dear Tony and all,
I can confirm your statement: In our mediterranean climate C ancyrensis
flowers shortly and indeed 'keels over'.  C goulimyi, sativus do very
well here and flower abundantly during October and November. Multiply
rapidly. To this category I would add Crocus hadriaticus (or
hadriatus?), niveus, ochroleucus, laevigatus, corsicus. imperati 
Kind regards

Lauw de Jager 
BULB'ARGENCE, 30300 Fourques, France

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