TOW Crocuses

J.E. Shields
Tue, 04 Feb 2003 05:08:13 PST
Hi all,

I'm a frustrated admirer of crocuses.  Mostly they have not lasted long for 
me here.  A few are hanging on.

Crocus tommasinianus is a great survivor.  I have one small clump, probably 
from a single corm originally, that has survived 20 years.  Others that 
I've planted are generally surviving (planted in better spots perhaps) but 
I don't see any signs of increase.  At least I see some blooms in spring.

Crocus speciosus is a fall blooming species that is surviving and blooming, 
but again I see little sign of increase.  I want crocuses that bloom and 
grow like weeds!

Crocus nudiflorus corms started out as 5 plants, and after about 5 years 
are down to one or two.  Very sad.

Crocus kotchyanus survives but does not bloom here.  Annoying!

Crocus banaticus corms never came up.

It's a sad story I know.  I'm taking note of the various contributions from 
others in similar climates, and I hope to try some new varieties this 
coming year.  Please make suggestions for varieties and for sources of 
them;  I intend to go shopping!

Jim Shields
in cold, snowy central Indiana

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