garden soil prep

Cathy Craig
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 20:52:35 PST
In addition to our having a genius administrator (Mary Sue) and the most
efficient and effective board members I have ever seen, we also have some
very expert chemists on our forum along with our resident plant experts.
With all this expertise, perhaps someone(s) can help me to understand more
about growing bulbs in garden soil, in particular certain elements of soil

In much of Southern California we have clay soil. In certain parts of our
lot in San Clemente, most notably those areas closest to the house and
garage, most everything below about 6 inches is pure clay. Not clay-ey, but
pure grey clay (no soil). In the front yard the people who put in the sod
applied some gypsum, which did seem to help. I am now working on the beds
and they need a lot more work than was done to sod the lawn.

I bought a bag of gypsum today. Customarily I just dig out all the old soil
and have it hauled away. I am going to try amending some of it but there
aren't very many instructions on the gypsum bag and no explanation at all on
how it works or why it works or whether it 'wears out' over time and I will
have to re-do the whole job again in future.

Anyone interested enough in this issue to discuss this topic? In particular
the gypsum issue? Thanks!

Cathy Craig President PBS
Maritime zone 9b

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