The Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs

Alberto Castillo
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 08:24:46 PST
Dear all:
         Everybody sounds shocked by the incredible development of PBS in 
such a short time. And grateful for all the time and effort that Mary Sue 
has put in the endeavor. I have an additional reason for being grateful for 
thanks to her I am the happy owner of a copy of this monumental work, the 
Encyclopedia, a mountain of information that will take long to climb!
It was sent as a Christmas gift and arrived yesterday right in time as due 
to the immense rainfall lots of Cape bulbs are sprouting since the beginning 
of February say two months in advance. I have had to hurry repot as many as 
possible before they all sprout. The final count gave 367 species yesterday 
which is not bad (with the substantial help from two Australian friends 
(Thanks guys!). Therefore the Encyclopedia will provide great help in 
habitat information among many other things. Those botanical keys at the 
end, ALL IN ONE SINGLE BOOK are invaluable.
I can not figure why Oxalises have been excluded.
Well, many thanks Mary Sue for both reasons.
Kind regards

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