Cypella laxa

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 08 Feb 2003 17:27:23 PST
Dear Germán,

Your picture of Cypella laxa is very beautiful. This is not a Cypella I am
familiar with. Can you or Alberto tell us a little about where it is found
and how you grow it?

Also I would like everyone to try to limit the size of your images on the
wiki. No one will stop you from uploading a large image, but when you do so
not everyone can see your picture on their screens without scrolling up and
down. I resampled Germán's image and uploaded it again. It is a much
smaller file, will not take up so much space at ibiblio, is quicker to
download when we click on it. Even though it is smaller, it is still quite
wonderful. I'll paste the new file in the new wiki.…

Mary Sue

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