Crocus Species 'Hubert Edelsten'

James Waddick
Sat, 08 Feb 2003 20:14:33 PST
Dear all;
	I don't know why no one has mentioned Crocus sieberi 'Hubert 
Edelsten's sister seedling. According to E.A.Bowles' Crocus and 
Colchicum, Mr. Edelsten produced two seedlings with this distinct 
banded flower pattern. The one called 'Hubert Edelsten' received an 
RHS Certificate, but the other one called 'Lingwood Beauty' is also 
still around and also lovely. About 6 years I received a bulb (as 
'HE'), but have lost the source and the bulb. It did bloom and I 
recall discussing it with Jack Elliott to the degree that we were 
both convinced it was the real thing. Can't believe I didn't even 
take a picture.

	If I did not have them growing together I might not have 
noticed the difference though.

	Just in case anyway comes up with an odd 'Hubert Edelsten' it 
might be 'Lingwood Beauty'.

	Best	Jim W.
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