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Sat, 08 Feb 2003 20:26:43 PST
As one who has ordered Antoine Hoog's bulbs via Paige Woodward and her 
Pacific Rim Native Plant Nursery, I can attest to the excellent quality of 
the bulbs and subsequent success rate growing all that was ordered.  In fact, 
many of the Alliums shown in my Allium "melanocrommyum gallery" on my 
PlantBuzz website were bulbs from that order.  The gallery, and a link to 
Paige's nursery, is located at:


Not only was the quality of the bulbs excellent, but Paige and Antoine stand 
behind the correct identification of plant materials sold, a commendable yet 
increasingly rare business practice.  I eagerly await a new order this 
summer... some Alliums, but concentrating on Crocus, and with some Juno Iris 
and Tulipa thrown in.

By the way, the Hoog & Dix on-line catalog serves as a terrific resource for 
pertinent history and correct parentage on numerous bulb cultivars.  It is 
well worth perusing the pages at http://www.hoogdix.com/ as a botanical primer 
on bulb nomenclature and cultivar identification.

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