Chilean trip

John Ingram
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 14:09:00 PST
I have uploaded a few images to the wiki. Here are the links:………………………

The trip was taken December '98. The photos are from the mountains approx. 10,000F/3800m and a 2 hour ride N of Santiago. The mountain photo is of the large glaciered mountain where the Andean mummy was found in the early 90's (?). We were at a ski resort (after snow cover left) and went horseback riding up the mountain. The plants are all a little blurry as I was sweating and freezing at the same time. It was incredible being that high. The sun was so bright and yet it was cool/cold. 
Any help on ID-ing the plants would be very helpful. I know that unknown #7 is an Oxalis of some species. But what I haven't a clue.

Also, I haven't a clue to organize them into a file on the wiki. I can't remember my password and I con't find the FAQ on how to use the wiki. Help here is also appreciated. 

Thanks for allyour help.


John Ingram…

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