Oxalis page on PBS wiki + page descriptions

Antennaria@aol.com Antennaria@aol.com
Thu, 20 Feb 2003 21:23:19 PST
Hello PBS'rs, 

I made an Oxalis image page on the PBS wiki, and moved Sheila Burrow's link 
to the enticing O. palmifrons onto that page.  I certainly admire and desire 
Oxalis very much, and there's been some recent discussion on them.  I offer 
this challenge; to populate the Oxalis page and PBS wiki with more photos of 
Oxalis... we can't just have the one image file!

Also, when people are creating new pages for separate genera, if you know a 
little something about the genus, feel free to edit the page and add to the 
genus summary or genus description.  Right now, by default, the Oxalis page 
has text at the top that says "Describe Oxalis here".  If you're an Oxalis 
aficionado, edit the page, delete the default text "describe Oxalis here" and 
replace it with something short but meaningful.  Do this on the other pages 
as well.  I added a genus summary to Allium and Eremurus (even as little I 
know about the latter genus).

I truly believe that the PBS wiki could become a great resource for bulb 
images from you bulb people who are "in the know" on correct identifications. 
And judging from the photos I've looked at on PBS wiki, many of you are fine 
photographers to boot.

Last item: please note that I edited the main PBS wiki Photographs and 
Information page to standardize the formatting on plant names; e.g. 
italicized the plant names, and specified cultivar names with single quotes 
rather than double quotes.  I hope that helps for consistent legibility and 
syntax protocol.

It was warm today, in the mid 40s (Fahrenheit) and it seemed like spring, but 
what's the point when there's still over 3' (+90 cm) of snow on the ground!

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