Gymnospermium altaicum + Triteleia laxa 'Humbolt Star'
Thu, 20 Feb 2003 20:50:04 PST
I grow the oddity Gymnospermium altaicum.  My experiences with it sound 
similar to Jane McGary's and John Lonsdale's experience, but I'll try an add 
a few personal observations.

The leaves are most intriguing when they first emerge, being very reddish and 
with rolled margins to the divided leaflets. Later the leaf goes over to a 
silvery-bluish color and the leaf margins expand, to reveal little, blunt, 
five-fingered leaflets about 1" above soil level.  The leaf shoots emerge 
around the periphery of the tuber.  The yellow flowers are small and quaint, 
only reaching a couple more inches in height. I have not observed any seed 
production.  By late June the whole affair has disappeared underground for 
another year.  I have posted a picture on the PBS wiki at:…

(if you look in the upper left corner of the photo, some buds are showing).

I have also created a Gymnospermium page on PBS wiki, and added a link to 
Arnold Trachtenberg's closeup photo of G. albertii.

And as a promised follow-up to a thread on Triteleia, I finally located my 
photo of one of Jim Robinett's superior bulb selections: Triteleia laxa 
'Humbolt Star'.  It's located at:…

I see that Mary Sue has been busy adding to the Triteleia PBS wiki page!

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