Lauw de Jager
Sun, 05 Jan 2003 23:26:17 PST
diana chapman a *crit :

> I would just like to mention their ornamental value.  They are often
> described in books as not being very showy, possibly because they
> don't photograph that well. T. peduncularis is another favorite, since
> it is one of the last to bloom in my collection, and the umbels are
> enormous - as much as 10-12" across.  The deep purple flush on the
> outer tepal is very attractive. The large-flowered forms of T. laxa.
> These, too, have very large umbels.  The one offered from the
> Netherlands is a good deep blue, although not large, but the ones in
> Butte County and elsewhere are huge, also with a pronounced sparkle,
> and usually a wonderful delicate shade of pale blue with lavender
> tints. These ones offset only rarely, but make very large bulbs.

Dear Diana and All; 

Indeed the problem with Triteleia that they are difficult to photograph (esp T peduncularis), which  dampens down the demand.  Our T.peduncularis  is very pale without the "deep purple flush" In Holland  there several forms of T Laxa on offer ( T 'Allure', Corrina , Kon Fabiola') I wonder whether they have already discovered the form you mentioned from 'Butte', which sounds very interesting. As  the more common species are quite cheap, they can be planted in larger quantities  which will make splendid garden displays in the later part of the spring (or early summer) (here mai-june). I also  propose T laxa and peduncularis for naturalisation. Because of  its late vegetative cycle (january -june) many species are quite hardy ( certainly more than most South African wintergrowers).

 Thank you Mary Sue,for the mot complete "introduction" which will be a most useful reference. Kind regards

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