Nothoscordum (?)

Diana Chapman
Thu, 23 Jan 2003 09:40:27 PST
Dear All:

I have a number of pots of "mystery bulbs" that have no identification - they came to me that way.

 I know it's a bit difficult getting suggestions to identity without a photo, but I am wondering if anyone on the forum has any knowledge of Nothoscordum (I hope Alberto is reading this!).

The first in bloom has channeled bright green leaves that have no onion-like odor to them.
Each bulb has about eight leaves that are about 10-15cm long. The flowering scape is 10cm, the inflorescence is an umbel of about eight flowers which open in succession.
As each bud opens the flower droops in a very graceful manner. Flower is white, six tepals 1.5 cm long each with a green stripe on the outer portion, and with a very small red stripe at the base which shows on both the outer and inner tepal. The flowers flare very prettily.
They have a musty sweet scent. The plant looks very much like an Ipheion in its form and growth habit, and Nothoscordum sellowianum is blooming at the same time.

 Any suggestions?

Telos Rare Bulbs

--- diana chapman

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