HELP! Eremurus

Lauw de Jager
Mon, 27 Jan 2003 11:21:01 PST
Cathy Craig a ecrit :

> Now I have them sitting on the planting area, how much soil should I cover
> them with? They are flat with the roots spreading out flat and surely the
> roots need covered but what about that dome like growing point? Should it be
> above the soil level or covered and if covered, by how much?

Dear Cathy,
The Eremurus are best planted in the autumn.   Be careful for  good drainage,
rotting starts  at the  downside of the central  growth bud.     Should be
planted in a raised bed or  slope. The bud  quite  close to the surface, 1 inch
of  soil above it is sufficient.  Our E himalaicus  has been in the same place
for 5-6 years  and produces each year 4-5 flower stalks. The buds are beginning
to emerge during February.
  A Eremurus specialist in this area  grows and sells  Eremurus plants in  a
kind of "saucer" 50 cm (20")  by 15cm (6") deep

Lauw de Jager
BULB'ARGENCE, 30300 Fourques, France

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