TOW--Bulbs for Pacific Northwest

Cathy Craig
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 20:11:24 PST
MessageHi Louis,

You posted this just in time. I have some L. squamigera out of a pot and was
just going to ask where to plant them outside?

I also have a few of the others you mentioned. They are out on a steep slope
in shade. Slope's irregated but we hardly get any additional rain. I planted
the way too deeply out of ignorance at the time and it took them 2 or 3
years but they survived and came up and bloomed last year. Can't ID them
just now but boy those steep slopes work wonders for some bulbs.

I have radiata still in a pot yet but one of these days I will get that out
into the ground somewhere too.

Cathy Craig President PBS
Maritime zone 9b

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