TOW--Bulbs for Pacific Northwest

Louis Mensing
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 19:48:17 PST
Lycoris are a group that haven't been much mentioned.  Lycoris
squamigera is an 'old faithful' that I brought from my home garden in
Minnesota back in 1964.  It grows and prospers here in Eugene.  However,
the other members I have tried have not been successful.  Some have
lasted until the next summer but most didn't come back from the first
winter.  They included L. chinensis, L haywardii, L. longituba, L.
sprengeri, L. radiata radiata, L. straminea, L. radiata var. pumila, L.
rad. var. pumila X L. sprengeri, L. haywardii X L. chinensis, L
longituba X L rosea, and L. chinensis X L. haywardii.  The area where
these were planted is sandy loam with added organic matter.  It was well
drained.  Also, remember that our winters for the last 4 or 5 have not
gone below 22 degrees F...and then only for a night at a time.  I don't
believe they failed because of the cold weather but rather because of
the rain.
Louis Mensing
Eugene, Oregon

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