Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 27 Jan 2003 09:54:28 PST
Dear All,

I was supposed to introduce the topic of the week this week and it was 
going to be an opportunity for those people who do not live in the Pacific 
Northwest to talk about bulbs that thrive in the ground with little 
attention in their particular climates. I think this would be better broken 
down into smaller areas we can focus on. Because of the enormous amount of 
time I have had to spend on the change over, I have little time or energy 
to figure this out at the moment. Volunteers to introduce a geographical 
area or climate type are very welcome. Perhaps we can do one a month until 
we no longer have any to discuss. Boyce Tankersley has volunteered for 
bulbs for the upper midwest USA/south central Canada some time in the 
future. Lauw suggested we could do cool or warm Mediterranean, continental, 
humid summers, etc. Would those of you in Australia fit in those categories 
or would you want you own? Please write me privately if you are willing to 
organize your area, come up with a title for it, and prepare the introduction.

So perhaps this week we can consider Eremurus is the topic or people can 
share where Lycoris grows successfully since Jim Waddick has in his subject 
heading suggested it as a topic for this week.

Next week we will be back on track as I have others scheduled to introduce 
the topic of the week for February and we will not have to rely on me. I 
will announce the topics and the kind people who will be introducing them 

Mary Sue
PBS Administrator and Topic of the Week Coordinator

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