How to Post to this list

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 27 Jan 2003 11:05:25 PST
Dear All,

It will probably take us all a few weeks before we can figure out the best 
way to send messages to this list so please be patient while we sort it out.

I have been advised to compose FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) with 
answers of course. We will want to post this on our web site when it is up 
and running. I will work on this as I have time.

In the meantime I ask each one of you who posts to the group (or who has 
already posted) to go to the archives and see how your message is 
displayed. If what you has written is in html or includes a response from 
someone who has written in html you will find it is not easy to read the 
archives and you will want to change how you post.

If you can write messages where you can change the color of the writing, 
create your own font, underline, make bold or do any other fancy formatting 
thing you are sending a message in html and you will want to turn that off 
when you post to this list (and any other list). Not only does this ensure 
your message will look funny to some people in our group when it is 
received, it will guarantee that your message will be printed twice in our 
archives and to those people who get the digest. This means we are wasting 
storage space and making digest members with slow download time or limited 
space very frustrated.

It has been suggested to me that some of you will not know how to turn off 
the html on your email program and have not understood when I asked not to 
use it. Those of you who are computer savy can really help us in this 
regard if you can provide me with clear instructions for each mail program 
about how to send text messages for that program. Better still would be if 
someone from each program that understands how to use it would be willing 
to be a resource for me to help another who uses that program who needs 
help. I can explain Eudora, but we need an Outlook Express expert, a 
netscape mail, AOL, Pegasus, Yahoo, and what ever else Mac users might use. 
I don't know them all.

If you have setup options that allow you to pick whether to send text or 
styled messages you need to pick text. If your email program allows you to 
check off when sending mail with styled messages (html), please ask whether 
to send it text, styled, or both, check this box!! It will be a reminder 
for you if you forget and compose a styled message. And then when it asks 
you, how do you want to send it, ALWAYS chose text only.

If you have created a fancy signature for yourself that uses html, please 
compose another one to use for pbs that is plain (including your 
geographical information.)

In your setup options you can often choose to include the whole message you 
are responding to when you reply. If you have selected this option, please 
delete the reply when you post to this group. If you must include part of 
the message for identifying purposes, please only include the significant 
parts and NEVER include any of the previous message if it is in html as 
that may turn your message into html too. Just add an introductory sentence 
to explain what you are replying to. It doesn't take much time to delete 
the previous message and you will be improving the way our archives look, 
saving time for digest readers, and most important lowering the blood 
pressure of your administrators!

If you are changing the subject, please start a new message and do not hit 
reply and use the same subject heading. When someone searches the archives 
they may never read your message not knowing it is about something entirely 
different. This is very easy to do as every message you receive has this on it:
List-Post: <>
If you click on this a new message will be started.

This is an unmoderated group, but Arnold and I will be reading the 
messages. Please do not clutter up the list by posting messages that could 
be better sent privately. We do no want people to quit in droves because of 
the volume of messages. And if I write you privately trying to sort out 
problems please do not take it personally. I am only trying to make this a 
good experience for the entire group.

Mary Sue
PBS Adminstrator

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