Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 09:36:22 PST
Dear All,

Mark McDonough has posted some Triteleia images on the Bulb_Images list. I know not everyone has subscribed to this so I am including some of his comments in this note.

Here's a photo of one of Jim Robinett's selections, T. ixioides ssp. scabra 'Tiger'.  It's been a reliable bloomer here these last 3 years.  This form was selected for it's darker brown stripes.  It's also much earlier blooming than most other forms.  The photo is a little bit poor quality... a scan from a slide.

Here's a view of Triteleia bridgesii taken in June 2002.  I consider this plant, with it's oversized flower heads to 6-7" across, to be one of best hardy American bulbs for the garden.  It has proved to be hardy and completely moisture-proof here in northeastern USA.  Originally purchased from Jim Robinett, two color forms can be seen, one with a more pronounced near-white center.  The flowers last for nearly a month.  The enclosed photo shows just how impressive and showy the plant can be in the garden.

Also check out more photos of this on my website at:……

I seemed to have misplaced a photo of Trit. laxa 'Humbolt Star' , another of Jim Robinett's splendid selections.  If I manage to track it down, I will post it to Bulb_Images. 

Mark McDonough        Pepperell, Massachusetts, United States    "New England"               USDA Zone 5

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