Boyce Tankersley
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 14:58:56 PST
Hi all:

A couple of years back (winter of 98-99 I think) I obtained 5 seedlings of Brunsvigia radulosa from Dennis Tsang. One died more or less immediately, the others went into a community pot. Lost one in the community pot after a couple of months. I used a peat-lite soil mix and Osmocote time release fertilizer. The seedlings never went dormant the first year.

Winter of 1999-2000 the community pot was divided and the 3 survivors all got 6" azalea pots (shorter than a standard pot but not as short as a bulb pan) of their own. All 3 seedlings cycled into and out of dormancy on the same schedule (several times a year) with no apparent relationship to daylength, water, fertilizer, etc.

Fall of 2000 and winter of 2001 the plants continued slow growth. 

My daughter dropped one pot in the fall of 2001 and "repotted it" for me. I didn't discover she had planted it upside down in the pot until the other 2 had gone through a couple of cycles and the "repotted one" had not. The plant seemed perfectly healthy, no rot, and began growing shortly after I righted it in the pot.

They are not cold hardy, evidenced by a surprise frost last spring that nipped the foliage. The damage was similar to that experienced by the Clivia and not as severe as that of the Scilla natalensis.

In the winter they are grown in bright light in a room with a lot of windows on the southeast side of the house. In summer, they go outdoors with all of the other potted plants and spend the season on the east side of the house, typically partially shaded by sunflowers (Helianthus annua). Even when dormant, I keep the containers moist with periodic light waterings.

Foliage is pressed against the soil surface.

Despite the initial losses, the remaining plants seem amazingly resilient. Later this winter, I plan on potting the largest of the 3 seedlings into a deeper 6" pot, probably a standard 6". I look forward to the day, later this decade, when 10 years or so worth of care pay off.

The weather in Chicago is, well, a bit disheartening. Within the last week, only 2 days saw temperatures above freezing. The high over the weekend was 24 degrees F, with a low around 0 degrees F where I live. Forecast for the next 2 weeks is for highs in the teens to mid-twenties and lows in the single digits. Certainly encourages one to spend time with seed and bulb catalogs in front of the fireplace.

Boyce Tankersley

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Hi Norman,

I am sorry Norm, but I am not very well up with the scanners.
Perhaps some of the other members might be able to help you
Good luck.

Bill D.

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