Hamish Sloan
Sun, 12 Jan 2003 11:14:36 PST
Thanks, Bill, for the intro.

I am just starting with some brunsvigia through some offsets and seedlings 
passed on by Paul Chapman.

Brunsvigia multiflora alba. Paul reckons this, and the next one below, is 
probably one of the crosses with Amaryllis belladonna that you mention. I 
have had this offset - a bulb about 4 inches across - for just a few months 
but it is already producing offsets of its own. From the comments you make 
on size, my 10 inch clay pot may not be big enough! Paul commented that his 
does better in the bed in the greenhouse. Any comment on the origins of 
this and the next and identification would be welcome, so I'll be pleased 
to see some pictures. RHS Manual of Bulbs shows B. multiflora as an old 
name for B. orientalis.

Brunsvigia rosea minor. Again suspected hybrid, probably through Amaryllis 
belladonna, RHS Manual of Bulbs gives B. rosea as an old name for Amaryllis 
belladonna. Again, the size of the bulb is way out of kilter for any 
possibility of it being an A. belladonna clone. Again a large (sic!) offset 
that is already producing its own offsets. Both these bulbs producing lots 
of LONG leaves, reminding me of Crinum x Powellii in this respect.

B. gregarii (-ii or -ia? The leaves are certainly prostrate.)
B. natalensis
B. radulosa     These three are all small seedlings still and I am not 
having much luck in getting them moving. Perhaps compost not porous enough. 
Bring on to surface of compost even though still small? What temperature is 
best for the winter growth? Mine have to be in the greenhouse.

Regards to all, Hamish

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