[AB_images] Brunsvigia

Jim Lykos annejim@acay.com.au
Sun, 12 Jan 2003 12:54:51 PST
I've much enjoyed your clear exposition on cultivating the genus Brunsvigia's, and  I was  astounded by the beauty of  your  Brunsvigia images.  They  are difficult subjects as  the flowers point in every direction, yet they are well detailed, with lots of depth of  field - a macro view with  wide angle effect.  Do you mind if I ask how you do it? - apart from the  artistry revealed in  your photography,  is  there a particular lens and  composition shot that your digital camera provides? As I'm currently  looking to buy a digital camera which  gives the best options for macro effects  - do you mind informing us what  make of camera you use?

Many Thanks

Jim Lykos Australia

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