Triteleia--PBS TOW

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 08 Jan 2003 21:36:42 PST
Dear All,

It is interesting to read that Jim Shields is finding so many species to be returning in his garden. Since many of them grow in places where there is absolutely no rain at all from late spring until mid fall it is good to know they can tolerate a little water in summer. If growing in pots you can turn them on their side.

Jim mentioned T. tubergenii. Sharp-eyed readers will note that I did not include it in my introduction. In Jane's article she states that Triteleia laxa was crossed in Holland with Triteleia peduncularis to give rise to this hybrid T. xtubergenii.

Have any of you tried growing these in areas with hot humid summers? I am just wondering what the success rate was. And Shawn Pollard, how about your collection? You were able to grow these successfully in Arizona. How has it been in Texas?

Surely others grow Triteleia and can share their experiences. 
Mary Sue

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