First daffodils bloom here today!

Marguerite English
Wed, 08 Jan 2003 17:23:18 PST
   I took a little break from my editing tasks a while ago and found my first blooming daffodils!   N. Tete'a'Tete had several stems of blossoms;  I delighted in bringing them back in by the computer, even though the hadn't really yet lengthened their stems.   Hurrah!   I haven't even really had winter, yet, but here they are!

I am expecting to get the winter "Bulb Garden to the printer before the end of the week, so it should be in the mail sometime next week.   There is a great article by J. Ingram about container plantings, and some other nice treats.   This, of course, will only go to PBS members, so if you haven't joined yet, you will miss it! 

Marguerite English,   Editor: 'The Bulb Garden'
Gardening with bulbs and perennials at 3700 feet in the mountains of 
southern California.    Extreme temperatures in our Mediterranean climate 
from 0 to 110 degrees F.   Average temperatures 15 to 90 degrees F.  A few 
days of snow in winter and a few days of extreme heat in Aug-Sept. 

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