Brunsvigia TOW

Bill Dijk
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 04:38:22 PST
Dear Mary Sue, ( and other bulbophiles)

Yes I do grow the all my flowering size Brunsvigia,s in what is called the PB 40's Those large plastis bags are mainly used for growing on the larger size bulbs commercially and to accomodate the large root system once established. I start off with transplanting the 1 year old seedlings from the polystyrene seed trays into smaller bags, ( 8-12 PB's) and as the bulbs grow progressively bigger, I will transplant again in larger bags, ( 20-40 PB's) eventually reaching the size (some species huge) where only one will occupy that volume. 

For more personal use of course you could settle on a more decorative pot or container and a size more suitable according to the species. B.josephinae and B.litoralis, for instance will eventually need very large containers as opposed to say B.gregaria or B. minor. Don't forget when Brunsvigia's are happy they soon fill those bags or containers with there massive root systems. The optimum depth in a container is the same as you would in the open ground, I always have the nose of the bulbs showing above whatever potting medium you use in that pot or container. 

For an extra bonus, I will show a pic.of Brunsvigia minor that has just come into flower. The same cultural notes apply to this species as we have discussed before. I will also post a picture of what is called a Amarygia, a crossing between B.josephinae and Amaryllis belladonna, incorrectly labelled B.josephinae by many growers in Australia and New Zealand. A very nice hybrid which is not fertile and has not produced any seed for us so far .

Best wishes,

Bill D.

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