TOW--rest of January

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 20:59:08 PST
Dear All,

I wanted to announce a few changes in the announced topic of the week for January.

Our topic for next week will be introduced by Ernie O'Byrne as this is a better time for him. He is hoping to learn about bulbs that can be grown in the ground in a situation like his. He will tell us what his criteria are and hopefully all of you who have experiences to help him will answer. This is an opportunity for all of you in Oregon and Washington to share what works.

The following week instead of talking about bulbs for shade which will be postponed until February, everyone else will have an opportunity to tell us what are the best bulbs they have found for planting and leaving in the ground where they live. I'll set up some guidelines to start us off, but am giving you all a chance to look in your garden (if it isn't covered with snow) and consult your notes and be ready to share your experiences. This could be one of our most interesting topics of the week and one we can all learn from.

Mary Sue

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