Allium photo posted + Eremurus ID
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 20:03:20 PST
Experimenting with the PBS wiki web site, I posted a photo of Allium flavum 
var. tauricum.  It shows a batch of 2-year flowering plants in mixed colors, 
giving an idea of the diverse range of colors I've been able to cull over a 
decade of seedling selection.  Normally a yellow-flowered bulbous Allium from 
Europe, "var. tauricum" varies from the all-yellow theme with flowers 
variously tinged with pink, brownish, or other colors.  With years of 
selection, a rich array of color forms has emerged... many lovely pastels but 
also unusual deep orange and burnt red colors, along with pure tones of pink, 
rose, white, beige, tan, cream, etc.  Take a look at the following URL (note: 
the URL wraps, please be sure to copy and paste the whole thing into your 

... or go to:…
... and look for the Allium flavum var. tauricum link.

These are terrific small bulbs that bloom late June to mid July.  Hint: 
perhaps a future PBS TOW could be Allium (there's about 850 species!).  I'd 
be happy to lead it.

For more pictures of these endearing little summer bulbs, take a look at:……

Back to PBS wiki site, I have updated the Eremurus images with the proper ID. 
 The yellow-flowered species that was mentioned in recent PBS messages is 
(I'm 99% sure) Eremurus stenophyllus (syn. E. bungei).

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