Images for our list--Using the wiki

Kevin D. Preuss
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 19:11:33 PST
Mary Sue,
Perhaps you or someone more familiar with this could hepl me out.  I posted
a test image of Hymenocallis tubiflora…
But was uncertain how to give description.  I am sure it is easy, once you
know how to do it....

Kevin D. Preuss

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> Dear All,
> I am changing this subject in case people are looking at wiki wiki and not
> realizing what we are talking about.
> The wiki is a place where anyone who wants can upload an image to put it
> the web. When you do this, you are given a url that tells you where this
> image is stored. If you want that image to be kept on the Pacific Bulb
> Society wiki page as a wikilink you will need to paste the url there and
> hopefully write above the url what it is and who took the picture. It is
> very easy to do this. All you have to do is to click on edit and write in
> your text. I have included very clear instructions in
>… on our
> page. It seems to have gotten relocated but you can access it above. Don't
> be intimidated. We are all learning. If you want me to write you the
> instructions personally if you can't figure out how to print them from our
> page let me know.
> If you want members of this group to have the opportunity to look at your
> image, then you need to write the list and tell us about your image and
> include the url so that everyone can click on it and look at it WITHOUT
> There is no reason why the person who uploads this image could not send
> this url to the Great Lakes Group or the Australian Group or to Alpine-L
> their grandmother or anyone else they want to see it.
> We in the Pacific Bulb Society are happy to have anyone who wants to join
> our list join and we believe in sharing our information and resources.
> There is no charge for this. If you want our newsletter that Marguerite
> her team are doing four times a year, to participate in our BX-SX, to get
> our membership list, or just feel you want to support us in our efforts to
> do this, please join PBS. The cost is $20 a year for US members and $25
> everyone else.
> Thank you Sheila Burrow for being the first
> person besides me to try this out and putting your wonderful pictures as a
> wikilink on our page. I hope to see more of them. I suggest that everyone
> who has not seen Sheila's images listed below to click on them. You will
> not be disappointed.
> Now please, Mary Wise, Paul Tyerman, Arnold Trachtenberg, Doug Westfall,
> Lyn Edwards, Rob Hamilton, Jim Shields, John Lonsdale, and all you others
> out there with glorious images, consider sharing one of your jewels and
> trying this out. Bill Dijk, I expect to see you post links for those great
> Brunsvigia pictures you showed for the topic of the week that those people
> who were not part of the images lists didn't get to see.
> And if they do this, please everyone else write them PRIVATELY and tell
> them how much you enjoyed seeing their image.
> I have written how to upload images on our information page which you have
> the opportunity to access on every email since it is on the top.
> Mary Sue
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