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Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 20:07:30 PST
Dear All,

I have been working on Lawrence's wiki and trying to learn how to use it to 
figure out if I'd be able to manage one of our own. And to answer all of 
you who have been wondering, no I haven't been sleeping much. I have 
created a page on his wiki for us and put the three images I uploaded there 
and written instructions for how to use it and added a place on it to 
upload files. I really wish someone else would try it out besides me.…

If people prefer this as a solution then I think we might want one of our 
own. If anyone gets really intrigued with this who has more computer savy 
than me and wants to take it on as their own project to help the rest of us 
let me know.

If you look at how I have listed the images in the wiki we could find them 
more easily than we could ever find them on Yahoo. We could create pages 
for each genus illustrated and anyone who wanted to could upload their 
pictures of the same to that page. And the author could write a brief note 
about what they were posting to go with the url. Instead of one person 
doing all the work, we could all participate.

I know some of you love your images groups and will want to continue them, 
but they don't work for everybody and I think the wiki can.

Mary Sue

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