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Wed, 29 Jan 2003 19:33:54 PST
When I heard the term "Wiki" and "Wiki Web" on this PBS forum, I admit it was 
the first time I encountered such a term... despite the fact I'm an IT 
(Information Technology) manager!  Apparently the idea came about in the mid 
1990s. Doing a search on GOOGLE comes up with a wealth of hits.  But I was 
still wondering about the unusual word "Wiki" and it's derivation, thinking 
it must be one of the ubiquitous acronyms that plague us these days.  I was 
wrong.  Searching on "wiki" and "acronyms" on google, I came across this...

OK - But what does the abbreviation/acronym wiki actually stand for?          
It's not an abbreviation or an acronym. "Wiki" is borrowed from "wiki-wiki" 
-- Hawaiian for "quick". 

Thanks for making the web wiki available for PBS image posting.  I think 
it'll be useful.  But I wonder how it leaves the status of using Bulb_Images 
on Yahoo Groups?

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