More Clivia seeds!
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 09:50:59 PST
Hi all,

I'm on my way to becoming the PBS clearing house for Clivia seeds...

A friend has ordered some seeds from Shigetaka Sasaki.  The seeds were sold as a package deal, and he bought the packages because he really wanted 2 of the 6 types of seeds.  So he's looking to "unload" some of the extra seeds.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Shige (I wasn't, so I'm assuming others might not be), he is an assistant to Mr. Nakamura, who is the leading Japanese hybridizer. He has developed some of the most sought after Clivia in the world. My friend tells me that there are only about 10 other people in the world with Nakamura's credentials.

The seeds available are

VICO Yellow Hybrid orange with lily like flower x Chiba Lily 
Yellow x Best Ghost
Best-variegated leaf x Best Yellow
Sasaki best breeding mix 

If you want to do some more research, you can check out Shige's website 

The cost is $5 per seed (all varieties) plus shipping costs from him to you.  
If you are interested, please reply to me privately ( or and I will put you in touch!

It will be about 3-4 weeks before he receives the seeds. 


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