Conservation nightmare and maligned goats

Greg Pettit
Thu, 24 Jul 2003 02:00:15 PDT

Ernie, I have to back you strongly on the subject of goats.  It is not that
goats "overgraze", rather that some idiot human allowed them to do so.  (I
have a small flock of Dwarf Cameroon Mountain goats (my pride).  The ram is
a MASSIVE 500mm/21 inches tall at the shoulder).  In every case of
degradation by animals of natural (or unnatural) resources the blame falls
squarely on the shoulders of the humans that allowed them to do so. (rabbits
in Australia, Elephants in Botswana, goats on islands, etc).

Goats must rank as about the most intelligent of all animals.  I have seen
hundreds of 'road-kills' and a few score humans that have been run over BUT

>>>>>You should see what they have done to areas of South Africa<<<<<
Harold, they only did what their human owners allowed them to do.  Perhaps
if the indigenous people were not moved into "sub economical agricultural"
areas the vegetation would have fared better.  You will notice that the
degraded areas (in SA) are also those where the human population is heavy!


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