Conservation nightmare

Thu, 24 Jul 2003 01:43:21 PDT
Jane, Diana, et all,

this is an alarming state of affairs, where , once again, the USFS is
handling un-researched and against the general welfare of the US wild areas
(remember the scandal selling protected forest to the paper a
huge discount!  Still going on, as far as I know)  Agreed, politics has no
place on this robin, however, conservation does!  I would urge all members
to send an E-Mail to the responsible department(s) expressing our vehement
anger at this squandering of natural beauty and resource, apparently to make
it a bit easier for back-packers to toss their plastic waste across the
landscape!  Let's get real, anyone interested enough in the wildlife to trek
in such areas is not going to complain about shrubberies ripping their hose
or loose stones snapping a heel!

We have many protected areas in Europe, from learning the hard way, and, in
order to access these areas one MUST stay on proscribed paths (often wooden
walks raised above the landscape).  It works, the areas are great
attractions and the biotope receives minimal impact. The manifold
inhabitants of these areas make them living museums at all times of the
year.  We still need more of them, mind you.  The further South one moves
through Europe, the less diverse it becomes, a sad fact.  Parts of Spain,
Italy, Turkey and Greece are virtual deserts from goats and sheep grazing
the flora into extinction and the homes of fauna are permanently destroyed.
Much of this lost biotope will never be recovered!  In a real sense, these
areas represent our versions of "Save The Rainforest", yet, in our
arrogance, we treat them like many products in the modern

OK, I've soap-boxed enough, but, in my opinion, every precious piece of
biotope must be considered.   Even smaller areas harbour endemic species.
Then there is the "policy" question.  If they do it here, they will later do
it somewhere else, with possibly disasterous results.

The only thing I cannot supply is the proper E-Mail address.  Can someone
help us out here?

Remember, America still has one of the last great wildernesses on our
planet, to loose it piecemeal  would be one of the greatest crimes of modern

Jamie Vande
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