Steve Marak
Wed, 23 Jul 2003 22:46:14 PDT

Some amorphs have a distinctive leaf or petiole and can be identified
when not in flower (especially if the possible choices are restricted) but
in general I think it's very hard without inflorescences. (With
inflorescences, there are people over on the aroid list who can identify
any of them practically immediately.)

The variation within a single species can be great, too - there are a
number of cultivars of konjac, including dwarf and giant forms and some
with distinctive petioles.

I can't find A. suaveolens on the species list on MoBot's Tropicos or the amorphophallus list ... A. johnsonii is, but only pictures of
the infloresence.

If they all turn out to be konjac, you might try one outdoors - konjac is
very hardy, several people in the US growing it in zone 5 (-20 F/-28 C)
areas. Mine tolerate some nasty wet winters.


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