Conservation nightmare

diana chapman
Wed, 23 Jul 2003 19:26:39 PDT
Hi Jane:

I am also very concerned about the use of goats to "keep down" weeds or
other vegetation.  They are being used on an Indian reservation where I have
friends to keep down vegetation and reduce fire hazard.  In addition to the
fact that they eat everything indiscriminately, they escape.  I can forsee
goats being a worse menace than feral pigs in the Mendocino National Forest,
and yet goats are being promoted as an ecologically sensitive way to
"control" weeds or exotic species.  Haven't we learned ANYTHING???  Vast
areas of the Mediterranean basin were, in past centuries, virtually denuded
of their native vegetation by ---- goats.  I am sure this applies to other
areas of the world.  Goats are the most talented escape artists - it is
extremely difficult to keep them contained.  I simply can't understand why
certain elements in the conservation movement, of all things, are promoting
the use of goats.

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