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<< I don't want to cause any controvercy about plant breeding, I just need to

know if other people have heard the same rumours, as they have originated

from a very good source, which shall remain anonymous.


In Narcissus the basic number is n=7, except in the tazetta group where n can 
be 10 or 11 but not 7, hence the frequent but not inevitable sterility when 
one crosses the tazetta group to other Narcissus.

At least this is how I learned it 20-25 yrs ago, since then various oddball 
species have been discovered and I am not sure if they fit in any differently 
or not.  Harold Koopowitz is the one to ask about that.  And he has worked with 
N. serotinus, whose basic number is, I think, n=5.

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