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Shayne Willis shayne.willis@bigpond.com
Wed, 23 Jul 2003 17:30:47 PDT
Hi All,

I have been lurking for sometime behind the scenes but I thought I would
come out of the dark and say a couple of words. Having only a small amount
of knowledge on bulbs it is easier to glean from experience. You know the
old saying "It's better to seem dumb than open one's mouth and remove all

On the topic of woody irids, there is a book available (if this wasn't
already known) on these wonderful plants. It has been written by P.
Goldblatt and the water colours are from Fay Anderson, and we all know how
well those two people work together, making for another awesome book.

To view the book at Timber Press follow the link below.

I enjoy reading your emails and seeing how things go in other parts of the
The calibre of collectors and growers that frequent this forum are a wealth
of knowledge and inspiration.

Since the formation of the worlds newest bulb organisations ( P.B.S &
A.B.A), the world of bulbs have their fate secured for future generations.

Keep up the marvellous work.

Shayne Willis.

Yackandandah.....in the foothills of the alps.
Victoria, Australia.

It has been raining for 30hours non-stop, hopefully bulbs won't be

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