Climate and Ledebouria sp

Digby Boswell
Fri, 18 Jul 2003 15:42:33 PDT
Dear Fred,

Our weather here in Pietermaritzburg has been colder than usual this year
with light frost every morning for the past month which equals about -1C/-2C
( I live at the top of a slight rise) with the marshy are 1/2Km away a good
couple of degrees colder.(There is a nice stand of Cyrtanthus breviflorus
there.) On the other end of the scale our summer days regularly go 36 -37C
with an extreme of 43.5C a couple of years ago.

I checked all the references I have for Ledebouria socialis to no avail.
Sorry.  I have growing in my lawn Ledebouria ovatifolia and L. sp (semi
erect plain light green leaves. Similar flowers to L. ovatifolia.)  Both are
naturally occuring here.

And to Brian Whyer,

Sometimes I confuse myself with the Zones.  Insofar as Hilon and frost is
concerned :- go 2Km north to Cedara and you can ski on the frost every
winter morning.

For those people looking for bulbs that will survive temperatures down
to -10C a good reference is "A Field Guide toWild Flowers Kwazulu-Natal and
Eastern Region" by Elsa Pooley.  Scilla dracomontana comes from the top of
Sani Pass where it is really cold and oddly enough grows and flowers very
well in our Pietermaritzburg climate.

Digby Boswell.
Pietermaritzburg.  -2C

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> Dear Digby,
> Saw your note on Albuca, and I too am interested in your local climate.
> cold does it get regularly in winter, and what are the extremes?
> Also are Ledebouria species native in your area?   Are there any forms of
> socialis which come from areas of winter frosts and cold?
> Thanks,
> Fred Boutin
> Tuolumne, California
> (zone 7)
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