Crocus tommasinianus - beloved by rodents

anthony goode
Fri, 18 Jul 2003 14:58:27 PDT
Slightly delayed response to Bills' question.

This sounds like a rumour has been started by the rodents!  I have met
several people locally whose Crocus tommasinianus "never came up".
Reason - mice, voles, squirrels.

However, given that Bill seems to have found some truth in the
suggestion it would be interesting to know if other growers have had
success with this
crocus while losing others.

In situations where rodent predation makes successful crocus
cultivation marginal Crocus tommasinianus would be the most likely
survivor owing to its propensity to increase by seed and cormlet
production.  It may be that enough survive predation to maintain the
population despite rodent activity.

Tony Goode.  Norwich UK

original message:
Can anyone tell me what the mechanism is that makes crocus
tommasinianus repellent to rodents? Physiology, scent, taste?

It has this reputation and that has also been my experience with it.
But what is the reason?
Bill Lee
SW Ohio

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