Vellozia sp. photo

Alberto Castillo
Mon, 28 Jul 2003 20:19:17 PDT
Dear Arnold, Mary Sue et al:
                                       The taxonomy of Vellozias is 
complicated and not well understood. Most of the species look like 
Sisyrinchium (grasslike evergreen erect foliage, fibrous or fleshy roots, 
star shaped flowers). They can be very difficult to grow as their native 
soils are ancient, acid and poor. It is easy to poison them by providing a 
too rich soil. A mix of coarse peat, pumice or perlite, and coarse sand 
would be suitable. Iron should be added from time to time. Some of the 
species grow in dryish areas, others in moist ground. They hate having 
their roots disturbed. If seed is available it is better to sow in 
individual pots or cells and pot on as the plants grow. Most of the species 
come from frost free dry winter regions.

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