Memory Bulbs--TOW

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 28 Jul 2003 15:00:44 PDT
Dear All,

I have really enjoyed reading about Diana, Lyn and Jane's memory bulbs. I 
hope some of the rest of you will share as well. I am finding it really 
hard to choose because there are so many to talk about. Today's choice is 
Romulea sabulosa. In August 2001 we went to South Africa for the very first 
time and were so fortunate that after years of drought they had a year of 
abundant rainfall. We arrived after two days of travel and headed right to 
the field to look for flowers. The second day we joined an IBSA group and 
went to Nieuwoudtville. It has to be one of the most amazing days in my 
life. I am sure I will never forget all we saw that day partly thanks to 
all those pictures we took and have shared with others. There were many 
wonderful flowers to see and I won't mention them all although if you have 
the South African Wild Flower guide 9 to Nieuwoudtville you know what I 
mean. I was absolutely dazzled and my husband the non bulb fanatic said, 
"This would be worth the whole trip." That was said before we saw the 
Romuleas. Sheets and sheets of them. They looked almost metallic they were 
so shiny. Single flowers of this species are gorgeous, but in mass and in 
combination with other wonderful bulbs there just aren't words to describe 
it. I understand the Brunsvigia bosmaniae put on a show like that this past 
fall and the people who saw it probably will never forget it either.

Bill Dijk had already shared seed of Romulea sabulosa and I was growing it. 
It has bloomed two times since our trip and will always remind me of that 
day and one two days later when we saw them again and of Rod and Rachel 
Saunders who were kind enough to share with us their company and some of 
the places to see flowers in the area.

I scaned slides from that time, but they don't really reproduce the way I'd 

And last year's blooms at home:…

Mary Sue 

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