Katherine Lesser katylesser@hotmail.com
Sun, 06 Jul 2003 08:19:44 PDT
i have been successfully growing many varieties of oxalis for years. at 
first i had them potten inside, since i live in northern vermont where 
winters are harsh and oxalis will not winter-over.  my success has been so 
great, that i now plant them outside for the summer and let them die off in 
fall, bringing inside enough to enjoy all winter and then plant outside 
again in spring.  last winter, i travelled to some of the greek islands 
where oxalis covers the rugged hills.  naturally i smuggled a small oxalis 
back into the country (don't tell) thinking i would have yet another variety 
in my collection.  but to my amazement , i could NOT get this one to grow.  
i finally gave up in march, and the pot that had the specimen in it went out 
into the garage, soil and all. yesterday, while potting a plant i knocked 
the soil from the deal oxalis out of the pot, and found some little nut-like 
things in the soil.  they are not the juicy tuberous roots....but small 
acorn-shaped things, very alive. no sprouts.  what are these and is there a 
chance i can get my greek oxalis going again?

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