broken URL or URL wrapping
Sat, 05 Jul 2003 20:04:57 PDT
Hi John,

>I think you might find that the issue wasn't 
>an extra space, rather the fact that the 
>e-mail client wraps around the URL and 
>breaks the continuity.  This also happened 
>to the latest link you posted.  I use MS 
>Outlook as my client - by deleting the 
>space you just moved the breakpoint.

Actually, there's a little more to it.  It's really interesting having email 
access through several "vantage points" or "access methods"... it gives the 
ability to see how the same email looks under various "client software".   The 
original URL link did indeed have a blank space in it (a blank space, not an 
"extra space") instead of the underscore character, as it appeared in my AOL 
Netmail portal.  It wasn't word-wrapped as viewed through AOL Netmail portal... 
it was all on one line, and indeed there was a blank space.  Obviously, the URL 
did not work.

The same message, as it appears through the regular AOL 7.0 client software, 
was indeed word-warpped.  Copying the whole word-warpped URL (both lines) and 
pasting to the Internet Explorer browser line, works in most cases to put the 
two parts together into a single complete URL.  However, when this is tried in 
this case, the blank space appears instead of an underscore, just as before, 
and the URL does not work.

In the URL that I sent out... it did indeed word-wrap, at a different 
point... have no control over that... it's AOL's mail doing it.  However, when I copy 
and paste both lines of that word-wrapped URL and paste it into the browser, 
I get the correct address without the blank space, and the URL works.  It 
should be noted, that the "breakpoint" in the URL, for the same message, can be 
different depending on what email viewing venue one is using.  I have to assume 
in the case with Mary Sue's original email, that the breakpoint happened right 
at the last underscore character, misinterpreting the character as a blank 
space, thus giving the erroneous result.

The long and short of it, I copied a version of the image in question, and 
shortened the URL.  I'm guessing, but the following URL should not wrap, and 
should work:…

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